Online Copywriting: Guide For Novice Bloggers {Special Edition}

Online copywriting is content that is written in a way to promote your blog, It is like other stuff you produce {Images, videos etc.}

Online copywriting defines itself that it is not as same as content writing in general words. They are the most persuasive words which encourage readers to buy your product.

“Content is king” {Fact not myth}

We can also define copywriting in a simple, super active way – “Copywriting is the art of attracting people.”

Online Copywriting: Guide For Novice Bloggers {Special Edition}

Any post that you publish for your company will be included in this category {review posts, Promotional posts, Emails etc}

Yes, Professional content writing is a unique skill to learn but it’s not that much tough to hear. Anyone can learn

“how to create compelling, engaging & attractive content”.

There are many places on the web where you will find online copywriting.

1. Websites: – All text on the site is web copy from the contact to the privacy policy.
2. Blogs: – Business blogs are the primary source of online copywriting.
3. Email Promotions: – Any marketing message sent by email falls under copywriting category.
4. Online Adverts: – The text of any online advertising is also web copy because they are written to promote product or brand.

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Web copy can be divided into two forms
• Short articles
• Long articles

Short articles are used for writing a review, Promoting brands or for advert purpose.

But it is very hard to write short copy sometimes especially when you are writing for landing pages because you only have limited words and they should be at the point with a specific call to action button in the right place.

Short copies are more action-oriented than long ones.

The long article is a piece of content with more words like blog posts, email newsletter, Press release or article.

Long copies allow you to expand your limits and freely write your ideas to build a strong brand but it also needs

The firm presence of mind to understand your target audience.

You just need two things to develop a great content strategy:-
• Eye catchy headline
• Great writing style

Both long and short copies have their importance on the web and they both are important when it comes to building a brand.

One great article can make you hero from zero.

Are you writing for the web?

There is two principal to follow before you start writing your copy.
• You must have to write in a conversational tone
• You have to write according to “Google.”

We will guide you through every online copywriting step, tips, tricks present in the world.

Before moving we want you to keep few points in your mind while writing articles:-
• Write for your targeted audience
• If you can write an excellent article about “SEO” then don’t write about travel niche.
• Follow KISS principal
• Optimise your story with proper on-page practice

If you write in every niche then you will be known as a knowledgeable person but if you write about your passion then words will come from your heart and you will know as an expert.

So, It’s time to move forward ……………….. {I’m talking about marriage: p}

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General Tips For Writing Epic Posts


Online Copywriting: Guide For Novice Bloggers {Special Edition}

I follow a simple step whenever I try to write a new article.

Just note it down what you want to write – draw a rough sketch on paper.

After making that plan think about your purpose behind this post and what are your main pin-points.

It depends on you “how you want to represent your information.”
• In simple text
• In image form
• In infographics form
• In points
• In video

It varies from person-to-person

Always keep your primary goal in your mind while writing your copy.

As I already told you that keep it super simple – I mean no long boring paragraphs and stop compound words.

Here are few more points to improve your writing skills:-

• Don’t write paragraphs with more than three lines
• Use active voice ….no passive voice
• Readability should be 70% of each article
• Use bold and italic for highlighting important words
• Use bullet points to make your content attractive
• Use headlines along with sub-headings to make a real structure of article
• Don’t use the capital word for in full paragraph.
• Use different source to write content
• Be creative because nobody likes to be a copycat
• Use correct grammar
• Proofread your article after completion

So, apply above listed points today and increase your productivity.

Once in an interview Neil Patel said that if God gives me the wish to correct one of my past mistakes, then I would choose to be consistency.

“Consistence is the key to be productive.”

If you want to write article consistently, then make a schedule.

Lesson learned:- “Quality matters a lot.”

Write For Web {Online Copywriting}

Online Copywriting: Guide For Novice Bloggers {Special Edition}

Well, all techniques that we discussed earlier are also applicable here but there are some more technical and stylistic rules that are also used in the online text.

The best thing is that always remember that your readers are active users not passive. So, don’t forget to write in active voice.

They will Spy your site and still they don’t read full articles but you have to be focused on content and consistency

Attracting them towards your articles is a very hard task but still you have to write

Start your copy with beautiful words and Give a brief reason to your readers that why should they continue reading your article.

Be accurate and too the point,  you must have to take care of that your article should reflect credibility of your brand and it must be original so that readers feel a personal connection.

Don’t try to waste the time of your readers because they will automatically understand that you are not giving your 100% and they will never come back.

Web users expect content to be frank, transparent and truth.A good way to encourage your readers to read next post is to adopt friendly, open and unassuming tone.

You have to include a call-to-action statement that tells exactly what you want to give them.

The only effective way to get people do what you want is to say them directly.

There are hundreds of billions of articles on the hundreds of millions of website on the web — so, why would people care about your content.

Simply, give them real gold…..provide real value.

There are two things to do:-

  1. Either become niche expert and write about your topic with latest feeds.
  2. Or become a virtual mentor and teach newbies

Provide factual information so that anyone who wants can contact you directly and buy your service.

Follow this plan — { Learn_Burn_Earn_Repeat }

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Lesson learned:- Your readers are your real money

How To Find Blog Post Ideas

Online Copywriting: Guide For Novice Bloggers {Special Edition}

There are thousands of ways to find ideas for your next blog post.

I have made a list of few platforms from where you can find great content ideas.

  • Search anything on google it will give you some excellent ideas
  • Search on “Quora” for new ideas
  • Explore big names
  • Read books daily
  • Apply copycat method
  • Read yahoo answers
  • Follow Facebook live sessions
  • Read newspaper {specially business page}
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Spy on your competitors {my favorate}
  • Watch videos on youtube/Ted talk
  • Listen songs

More information:- Beginners guide to find blog post ideas

Lesson learned:- Find an idea implement it and “live the life – like a king.”

Importance Of Headlines

Online Copywriting: Guide For Novice Bloggers {Special Edition}

If you want to stop readers to leave your page, then capture their attention with every word of your copy and encourage them to click on your affiliate links.

For that, you need to master the headline psychology from beginning.

Headlines are the primary reason behind your blog’s low bounce rate – yes it’s easy to decrease your bounce rate and it is the golden reason to turn your casual reader into buyers.

Write mind-boggling headlines. Follow these points:-

  • Keep them short {under ten words}
  • Be specific
  • Use simple, unambiguous words
  • Try to make the reader curious by using emotional words
  • Entice by asking them a question or making a bold statement
  • Use pronoun “You.”
  • Headlines with numbers and special symbols work well {5 tips to earn $$$}
  • Headline that suggest or give reward also works well {how to make money}
  • Be honest– don’t mislead your readers by your headlines

The first line of you text is important because it’s the moment where user decides — he/she will continue or ZAAP {press back button}

Let’s talk about few example of bad and good headlines.

Good new offer !! {bad}

Your business will be successful if you try these steps {bad}

Double your Facebook traffic in one week {good}

Are you feeling insecure from online identity theft? {good}

There is strong online copywriting idiom that the purpose of the headline is to get the first line read, the purpose of the first line is to get third line read …….and so on.

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Lesson learned:- Your brain is your money – as same your headlines are your business

Schedule To Follow For Online Copywriting

Online Copywriting: Guide For Novice Bloggers {Special Edition}

If you want to be productive through your day and especially when you are writing an article then make a plan and follow it along with your other works.

Spend some time for writing your TO DO list daily

I have an impressive schedule to follow for you all.

So, give it a try.

  • Plan out your writing in advance

You have to be serious towards your work and plan your posts for next one month in advance.

I do that.

It gives you a particular path to follow throughout the month.

Suppose you are planning to write three posts a week then plan all your 12 posts for the next month.

How to plan?

Write the headline and some important aspects of the post or you can draw a rough sketch of the posts.

  • Sketch out your posts one week ahead

Right down every important aspect of your post on a paper and then try to implement more new things.

I wrote three days in a week on this blog and got only for four days for other works but before writing your post you have to do proper sketching on the night before publishing it.

Make a little structure like this one:-

  • Introduction
  • Few facts
  • Main problem
  • Solution
  • Conclusion

You can use Evernote or any other app for making a great sketch of your content.

Once you have blog posts & ideas down for the post covering the entire week, you will find that it is a lot more manageable to sit down and write.

  • Review you day’s post the night before

This is also a part of my daily routine.Every night I sit down to review my TO DO list for the upcoming day.

If possible, then I fill the sketch with additional notes and start thinking about the format of content.

If you set a time limit for your small tasks, then they will become quite easy to manage.

Suppose you have to write a short note on any topic then collect the information first and after that set a time limit to complete your writing work.

I get my business ideas at night and I also fell more productive at night as compared to the day.

  • Fill the sketch

Writing a blog post takes two hours as my finger start jumping on the keys of the keyboard but I write a blog post like I’m assigning work to me.

Suppose if I have to write long blog post then I will assign work like that:-

  • 300 words for introduction
  • 200 words for facts
  • 200 words for the main problem
  • 800 words for solution
  • 200 words for conclusion

I’m not strict with that word count but setting up the limit helps me to keep a good structure of post and stay productive.

It also motivates me to work hard and get it done — ” Come on Rahul only 120 words are left in this section, that’s easy.”

  • Follow a long share schedule

I try to share the post for many days and especially I do pre-promotion of the post before publishing it.

{If you are my Facebook friend then you might now that}

I don’t typically share it one time, in fact, I use to share my articles with a strategy.

As we all know that marketing of an article should have to be simple.

Share your story on more than four social media platform and make you profile looks neat.

Promote your content but don’t over-promote/spam it otherwise, people will think that you an idiot and they will stop following you.

As you know that every step will not work for you but it works for me that’s why I’m telling to give it a try.


We all know that content writing is a typical work and it is the base of your blog.

So, Don’t forget to write a quality piece and follow a good writing plan.

I have given you a full overview on “How to write an article” if you still have any question then don’t forget to ask in the comment section.

And don’t forget to share it because “Sharing Is Caring”

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