On Page SEO : Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility

Everyone Is Trying To Make Search Engine there Girl-Friend But you know it’s just a wish end of the day & let us show how you can make your wish come true for at least few months hahaha

Every blogger wants that their post will come on the first page of the search engine results.

For this, you have to keep a lot of things in mind if you want to be the part of the first page in every search engine.

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique to get your content on the first page of the search engine results, so there are many tricks to do SEO.

Your content is SEO optimized it will help you to be in the top search results. Optimization will help you to drive more traffic to your website. A significant amount of traffic will hit on your site if the rank of your web page is high due to the visibility of the article on the first page.

Many people are running their website on the internet.

They all are doing SEO to rank their site but there is some few website who are on the top searches and rest of them are on the 2 page maybe 3 or maybe on the last page it depends on your optimization and SEO.

Everyone wants that the content they are posting will rank fast on the top searches of the search engine. Now for fast ranking, they are using many other methods like black hat SEO.

The people who want to make money in the short period they are using these typed of techniques. Google and almost all the search engine which is not giving authority to use black hat SEO.

There are three types of SEO techniques exist. Now it depends on you that which kind of techniques you want On your website. The name of the techniques are:

  • White hat SEO
  • Blackhat SEO
  • Grey at SEO

Google and many other search engines which permits to use only white hat SEO because it’s a regular SEO everyone are using.

SEO helps you to drive organic traffic on to your website.

If you are doing good SEO, then the probability to see your post on the first slot of the search engine is excellent. And the other things to drive traffic to your website by using social media website.

If you have the page on social media website like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter then share your post on those sites.

If the audience of your pages like your content then they will definitely visit your website and read your content or post what you wrote on your site.

**What Is On-Page SEO**

On-Page SEO: Advanced Guide Beginner [2018]

On-Page SEO is a trick or technique we can apply on our website to drive some traffic organically. So there are a lot of things we have to do for On-Page SEO.

It’s a bustling place, and you have to get attention in this busy place where a lot of people are doing the same thing to get attention. Now you have to be unique and magnetic.

As we know search engines change their algorithms time to time so always updated from this thing because due to that changes on the search engine will affect our SEO, so we have to improve our SEO according to the algorithms of the search engine.

You have very limited seconds to show your skills through your website. “For example, you are a shopkeeper, and you have to sell the product of your shop within 8 seconds. And 8 seconds is very less time to present your product in such a beautiful manner like the customer who comes to your shop will fall in love with your every product”.

So the things I want to tell you that make your most productive and informative so that user will spend much time on your website.

Nowhere in this article, I want to talk about ON-Page SEO in detail. So before starting let me tell you that SEO will split into two categories:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

**On-Page SEO**

The things we have to do on our website to rank it in the top search results like the page title, Description, Meta tags, internal linking and proper placement of the keyword.

**Off-Page SEO**

The things we have to do outside from our website to rank our website on the top search results such as on social media sites, forums, guest blogging, backlinking and article submission.

One suggestion for you guys if you are doing On-page and Off-page SEO both then I want to say that concentrate more on On-Page SEO because it will help you more to rank your content or post as compared to the Off-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO takes some time, but you can see the result of On-Page SEO quickly.

Off-page SEO is also right I am not saying that don’t do Off-Page SEO. Use Off-Page SEO too because both of them are important. Both On-page and Off-Page have their importance.

**Why we need On-Page Optimization**

On-Page SEO: Advanced Guide Beginner [2018]

Many bloggers know the meaning of this term search engine optimization (SEO). They are not making their article SEO optimized; if they do, then it’s perfect for their blog.

Many of the new bloggers will think that why their articles are not appearing on the first page of the search engine. Well maybe there is the ton of reasons, but if you are not giving your proper attention to the SEO, then it’s the biggest reason why your content is not in the top search.

While doing SEO, there are many things we kept in mind to rank our content higher on the search engine. Don’t use shortcuts because shortcuts help you to list your website very fast in the search engine top searches.

There are many tips and tricks you can use, but Google and other search engine don’t permit you to do this. These shortcuts come under the black hat SEO. And no search engine permits you to do Blackhat SEO. It’s like you rank your website through spamming.

If I am talking about Google, then ON-Page SEO is not sufficient to rank your content high. You have to do many more things such as social media sharing, backlinks, guest blogging, Domain authority (DA) and many more things.

SEO is very vast if you are going deep. You will learn many things about SEO what you don’t know. It’s the best way to earn money online and showcase your skills in the front of everyone.

The primary focus is to optimize your article in such a great way. So that our target audience can quickly bring our website content from the targeted keyword.

The primary strategy is to pick up the main focus keyword.Some people get confused while writing their post that which keyword they should choose for their post. Don’t worry there are many tools available from which you can choose your keywords easily.

One thing I want to recommend you for improving your blog is using infographics to increase the quality of the content. You can also provide information with the help of infographics.

Infographics offer you step to step data with the help of the images, the images or screenshots showing the proper implementation of the thing what you want. Sometimes infographics teach you the something which you did not get after reading the posts.

Or the other things are using video. If you are using videos in your content, then it will make your content informative and content rich. Because in the video you can see each and everything what you exactly want with your naked eyes.

If you are putting the video in your post, then the video will increase the attractiveness of your post.

**Advance On-Page SEO Guide**

On-Page SEO: Advanced Guide Beginner [2018]

Now I am going to show you the tricks I used while doing On-Page SEO. Some things you have to keep in mind except On-Page SEO.

  • Experience of the user: The website you are using should be fully responsive and make sure that there are no broken links present on the site.
  • Users who are coming to your website to get information then make sure that he will not hit the back button instantly if he hit then the ranking of your site will affect. This thing will increase your bounce rate and increment in the bounce rate of your website means that you rank on the site will become lower, and it’s bad for SEO.
  • Write informative content which is necessary or having information by using proper heading and subheading. So that people will spend more and more time on your website. Make your content easily readable and easy to understand it will help your user to engage with your post quickly. Before posting anything, you have to think like user point of view.

On Page SEO : An Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility In 2018

**Title of the Blog**

There are many things you have to care about, but the most critical thing is title if am talking about On-Page SEO.

If you made your title more attractive and optimized then the probability to open that topic by the users will increase, more and more people will curious to know about the content you wrote on that link if your title is attractive.

If your post will get a large amount of click, then the chance of getting your post on the top search is high.

Always try to use your focus keyword in the starting or beginning of the title or heading for making your title more optimized if this thing is not possible then make sure that the focus keyword you are using will appear somewhere on the title.

On Page SEO : Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility

If you are not using the focus keyword in the title then it will affect your SEO and ranking of your post.

Example: if you are using football somewhere in the title then make sure that football will appear at the beginning if this is not possible then use anywhere in the title. But use football at least once in your post for better optimization.

Don’t repeat the focus keyword you are using twice or thrice in the title. I know many of them are thinking that it will help to rank your content higher but it won’t because It may affect your ranking.

Using of keyword many times come under black head SEO and google or any other search engines don’t give you the authority to rank your content with the help of black head SEO.

So use your target keyword only one time in the title and one more thing you have to take care that doesn’t use more than 65 characters in your title for better optimization. There are the lot of small-small things you have to take care otherwise it will affect your SEO.

**Structure of your URL**

Make sure that the title you are using for the URL is very similar to the post you are writing about. Every visitors who will come to your website will easily get the idea by watching the URL that which type of article is this.

If the URL you are using is simple it will look good and easily understandable. Make your URL simple as much as you can make.

Everyone wants to make their URL simple. So don’t do anything just put your target keyword in the URL. This will definitely make your URL simple. Now, most of the bloggers are using this trick to make their URL simpler.

On Page SEO : An Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility In 2018

Make your URL good as much you can because you can make your URL only once. So put your best effort to make it more simply.

Don’t use special character, commas, brackets, and symbol from the URL. An easy way to make your URL easy is using dashes (-) in your URL structure these are called permalinks and compatible with almost all type of browsers.

Permalinks also help you to optimize your website in every possible way. It’s a permanent link to your webpage or the post you upload, this link will never change. Another better way to optimization is putting dates on your URL if you are not using the keyword.

For example:-

www.xyz.com/keyword is much easy to find than www.xyz.com/365/738/subfolder/keyword

As we discussed in above paragraph that use your keyword in the URL to make it more simpler and more understandable. This example also shows the same thing.

For example our SEO Brisbane page URL https://dynastydigitalnetwork.com.au/seo-brisbane.php


The another most important part of the On-Page SEO is heading. Basically heading tag is used to highlight the post you are writing to make the post more attractive. You have to divide your content into some small sections or in paragraphs to make your content easier to read.

Generally, H1 tag is used for the main page of the title and the headings like H2, H3 are used for another small heading which comes under the main heading H1.

Always put the most important part of your post in between these tags because it will help search engine to determine the most important part of your post or content.

Make sure that the heading you are using in your post or content will describe your content in short what you are going to write under those heading.

On Page SEO : Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility

It will make your post more understandable. The user will know after seeing this that what they will be going to be read.

Never forget to use your focus keyword in your title as well as all the headings you are suing for better optimization or for better SEO.

Split your content into parts and use headings like H1, H2, and H3. Many crawlers of the search engine find your content according to the heading or subheading you are using in your content.

This is the only reason why rich headlines are more important than generic ones.

And if I am talking about the WordPress then set your title tag to H1 for better optimization of your post or webpage. Always keep one thing in mind that according to Google algorithm don’t use title tag much time in your post or article.

**Density of Your Target Keyword**

The very first step you have to find before starting your post or article is your keyword because you have to put that keyword in your title, description, heading tags and in meta tags for better optimization.

The keywords you are using describe the visitor or search engine about your content.

Now here we are talking about the keyword density that how many times you are using your target keyword in your post or article.

Using less amount of your target keyword affect your SEO or if you are using many times in your post or article then it will also affect your SEO.

On Page SEO : Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility

Always maintain the density of your keyword you are using in your article is 1.5%. You have to take care of this thing that the density of your keyword is not less than 1.5% or nor more than 1.5%.

  • If you are using your target keyword more than 1.5% when it comes to black hat SEO. Using your keyword in an inappropriate manner in your article is called keyword stuffing.
  • If you are using less than 1.5% then it will affect your SEO in a negative manner or also affect your optimization.

You have to put your target keyword in your article according to the words you are using in your content or article. According to my point of view

  • Use 5 times if you are writing a 300 words article.
  • Use 10 to 12 time while using 1000 words article.

If you don’t know how to calculate your keyword density then I am going to tell you about the five tools from which you will find your target keyword density easily. Here the names of the tools are:

With the help of these five tools, you can check your keyword density.

**Meta Tags**

You have to write about the post in brief that is called meta description. In every post and every article, the description you are using is unique.

Again one more thing if you are using the target keyword in the meta description then it will help you to optimize your post.

Don’t forget to use the target keyword in your meta description. You have to use the target keyword in your meta description once for improving your SEO optimization.

Don’t use your target keyword many times. If you are using your keyword more than one times or many times when it comes to the spamming.

Always write your meta description user-friendly which make sense and easy to understand. Your meta description shows your content in a simplified and short way.

On Page SEO : Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility

If you are not using meta description then Google don’t care about it because from few times before Google announced that there will be no effect on the optimization if you are not using the meta description.

But for the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, you have to write your meta description because if you are not using the meta description then it definitely helps your optimization.

If you are using WordPress then there is a plugin available named “All in one SEO pack”. With the help of this plugin, you can improve your SEO like your meta description.

According to “All in one SEO pack” you have to use less than 160 or 160 words to write the description. If you will use more than 160 words then you will not see the proper description in search engine result page (SERP).

So always use your keyword in the meta description and make your meta description of 160 words.`


Images are the other important part which helps you to improve your optimization and drive more traffic to your website.

If you are doing proper optimization of the images then it will definitely help you to increase the traffic from the images searches to your website.

Now comes to the SEO than on this topic I will tell you how On-Page SEO will help to improve your image optimization. You can optimize your image by many methods.

By using your target keyword in your post title will help you to make your post more targeted and focused.

Use an alt title for image optimization it will also help you to improve your SEO.

The caption is not important but if someone will come to your website from images search portion then the caption is visible to the visitor under the image and that is a good thing to drive more traffic to your website.

The important thing I want to mention is don’t use large images it will slow down your website. If your site is slow then it will affect your Google rankings that mean you have to use compressed images of best quality.

On Page SEO : An Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility In 2018

Using images in your post will make your post more attractive and images will also clear the doubts of the visitors and with the help of images users will understand the content easily.

Don’t use the copyright images in your post because if the person who made this image in your post then that person will claim and you will get a copy write strike like using the image without taking the permission of the owner of that image.

So use only stock images. There are many websites available from which you can use a ton of images without any copyright issue. These websites are made for this purpose only.

Here I am going to show you the names of 10 websites from where you can easily download the stock images for your post.

  • Gratisography
  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Stocksnaps
  • Flickr
  • Morguefile
  • Freerangestock
  • Freedigitalphotos
  • Photogen
  • Stock photos for free

These 10 websites are in the top from which you can easily find all type of images related to your post and content. We recommend you to use only stock images only. It is beneficial for you as well as to your website too.

On Page SEO : Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility

If you are using WordPress then I am going to show you the best plugins from where you can find your stock images from the dashboard. No need to go anywhere just install the plugins and use the stock images. Name of those plugins are:

  • PhotoDropper
  • ImageInject
  • Pixabay Images

These are the things you have to keep in your mind while doing On-Page SEO on the image you are using for your post. These things will definitely help you to improve your ranking in search results and make your post optimized. Also, make your content at the higher position.

**Internal Linking**

Internal linking is basically used to interconnect your content with each other. Placement of links in a particular place on your website which can help you to improve your SEO and ranking in the search engine search list.

The most important weapon you have in On-Page SEO is internal linking.

Internal linking not only helps our visitor to navigate all the website but also helps the crawlers of the search engine to find all the content of the website. If you are not doing internal linking then it might be difficult for the crawlers to scan the website.

Crawlers take time to scan all the things on your website. And if you are doing internal linking then it is very easy for the crawlers or bots of the search engine to find the content from your website.

There are a lot of different methods available that you can use to improve your internal linking structure. The main two methods who helps you to increase the internal linking is content links and permanent navigation links.

In content linking, we place the link of the related or similar content in the post. Like if I am talking about SEO then we place the links of my post which is similar to the post for better navigation of your website.

For example, you can use your internal linking in the post is like if I wrote a topic on WordPress then the topics which are related to WordPress is the best post to use internal linking.

In permanent linking, you can’t change your link if you set once.

So make your permanent link user-friendly so that the users who are coming to your website will easily learn that permanent link.

Some people are confusing about permalink or permanent link, so the people who don’t know about the difference between permalink and permanent link then don’t worry its same thing. Some people call permalinks and some say permanent links.

Benefits of the internal linking on your post

  • Further reading
  • Increase visitor length and page /view
  • SEO

You can also write 5 different article which is related to each other and interlinked them with each other. Due to this visitor will navigate your whole website and stay on your website for a long time and this thing is good for your website.

[Bonus] Other factors which can boost your ranking

**Engaging Content**

If you want to make your content more attractive and valuable then put quality instead of quantity. Make your content strong by giving the important information to the user what user wants from you.

If the user gets the things what they want from your website then they will spend more time and read your post what you wrote and next time they will definitely come to your website because of your content quality.

Some of the people came to this line for earning money instantly and for that they are using some tricks and google or other search engine not giving authority for those tricks and strategies what they are using so after some time like after one month their site will be banned from all the search engine for giving fake information to the users.

On Page SEO : An Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility In 2018

Make sure that the keyword you are using is related to your content. You have to learn that how you can engage more and more audience for your website.

Make your content according to the visitors like what visitors want from you because the thing will make your content more attractive to your users and they will spend more time on your website.

And if you are not making the content according to visitor requirements then you will not get more traffic and will not be able to engage more audience for your website.

If this thing will happen to you more time then the bounce rate of your website will increase and it is not good for your website. The increment in bounce rate will make your rank low in the search engine results.

If you want to write a quality content then first plan a something you want to write then go and do some research related to that content.

After research write some quality content in your own wordings. Make your content more informative so that the visitors who are going to read your content will be your daily reader.

**External Links**

Yes, external links are also the part of On-Page SEO.

We do external linking by going outside of our website. That means you have to go someone website for the promotion of your website.

It’s a great way to link out your website externally. You have to share your links only on those websites who have post or content related to your website. That means niche of both the website is same.

Don’t do external linking with any website. While linking out your website outside the first check that the website you are going to link is trusted the website or not if not then don’t do external linking with that website.

In external linking, we use two types of links Dofollow and Nofollow.

IF I am talking about Dofollow links then Dofollow links are those links which we want that Google bot to follow from our web page and Nofollow links are those links which we don’t want Google bots to follow from our web page.

When we are using no follow link to the bad website or the website who have very low domain authority or DA then we use Nofollow links.

There are many things from which you can do for your external linking:

  • Forums: There are many forums on many websites where many bloggers of the same niche will come there and discuss the topic what you want or clear your doubts.
  • Guest blogging: In guest blogging, we write a blog on other people website for external linking. Keep one thing in mind that if you are doing guest blogging on someone website then the niche of your website and that website is same.
  • Social: You can also do external linking with the help of the social website like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.

**Words Count Per Post**

Only those post will rank as soon as possible in the search engine who have more number of words.

Post having less number of words should not be ranked early because due to fewer words in the post they come under less informative according to the algorithm of the search engines.

Search engine always gives first priority to those posts who have the maximum number of words.

On-Page SEO: Advanced Guide Beginner [2018]

And if I am talking about general information blog then you have to write a post of 500 words which is standard and if you want to provide more information and make your post more optimized then extend your words up to 1000 words.

Always research for your post before writing so that you should put important information into your post for more engagement.

If you are targeting highly competitive keyword then you have to take care of your content very much because if you choose competitive keyword then the content you are writing is strong and more informative.

The main thing is you have to put your keyword in your post according to the words that mean put your target keywords in your post according to your post lengths.

I am not sure but roughly according to my opinion put your target keyword in between every 150 words. This will make your keyword density in your post.

There is no official length or count that shows you how many words you have to write in your post. The longer post will rank faster because there is more information in your long post as compared to the short posts.

So make your post more information so that your visitors will glad after opening your website for information.

In the above article, I tell you each and everything about On-Page SEO you should know to improving your SEO.

In today’s world, many people are into SEO some wants to share their knowledge and some wants to make money so the competition is very high.

You have to take care of your SEO because SEO makes your post optimized and help your post to be on the first page of the search engine.

SEO is very vast there are a lot of things you can do with SEO and I told you the basic things you have to do for improving your SEO.


You can increase your traffic in many ways if you have a good network in social media website like Instagram, Youtube and Facebook then you can also get more traffic from these platforms.

On Page SEO : Impactful Guide To Increase Your Search Visibility

Nowadays many people or bloggers are running their website with the help of the Social network.

They have their brand pages on these social media platforms having millions of likes and followers. They get their visitors from these pages.

They just drop the link to their post on these pages and the audience of these pages will come to your website if your post is interesting and give something new to the visitors.

So this is all about On-page SEO you should know.

What do you think about it?

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