How to do keyword research the right way in 2018?

Making use of the keyboard is very important for each and every website.

But choosing the right keyword for your content and also very important in order to increase the customer traffic on your website.

Keyword generally refers to as the words that are being searched by people.

As we all know that content writing and yes SEO are related so it has become very critical nowadays to choose the correct keyword for your content.

By choosing the right here you can approximately make a difference of 5000 customers to your website. This is a tried and tested method in which you can increases the traffic on your website just by changing the keyword of your content.

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How to research for a keyword?

The three steps that are basically involved in the searching for a keyword are

Selecting the keyword for your content: Most of the content writers depend on the SEO to find their keywords. Google keyword planner or conductor searchlights audience internet explorer are some of the tools that can be used by you in order to search for the keywords.

These apps help a person in discovering that how many times a keyword is searched for in a month that is monthly search volume. Hence it will help you in identifying the right keyword for your content.

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While choosing your keyboard you should evaluate it based on 3 terms:


You must identify the competitive keywords and avoid using them because if you use these keywords then you have to face a lot of competition from the existing websites.

If you are competing with keywords that are used by the websites which are ranked first in the search results then there is very less chance that this will work.

So you must choose the keyword keeping in mind all these situations.

But it does not mean that you cannot use these keywords you can check these words on a search engine and if you see that many paid advertisements are shown first then you should change your strategy and to see other similar keywords that are searched by customers.

Using related keywords is also a very good strategy for increasing the customer traffic on your website as it is not necessary that the customers will search for a particular keyword they also sometimes use modifiers for searching a particular keyword.

So you Can also use modifiers with your keyword.


Using popular keywords is very beneficial for your website and the content of a website but forcing a Keyword on your content is not a very good idea let me explain you in more easy words.

For example your content is based on SEO techniques and instead of using the keywords that are related to SEO you use keywords that are popular for other content this well as an adverse effect on your content as the customers who are searching for any information which is not available on your website and due to the presence of that keyword in your title your content will be shown to them.

This will frustrate the customer and he will never visit your website again.


Writing a good content is very important as using the keyword will not solve your problem entirely as a customer will be attracted to your website by adding a good keyword in a title and in the content but satisfying the customer is also very important so that to attain the trust of the customers.

So writing good content is also very important the content that appears on the first page of your website is analysed by Google for ranking purpose.

These are the steps that are to be kept in mind while searching for the keyword as following these steps is very important and giving in mind all the details help you in making the right decision for your website

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Choosing the right way for keyword

Research is also very important as it has its own benefit towards your website some of those benefits are:

  • The Webmaster generally writes the content first and then search for relevant keywords for it. But you must first search for the most popular keywords and then write your content around that keyword. It helps you in attracting more customers to your website.
  • Writing the appropriate content on your website is also very important to retain the customers as if a customer visits your website once and is satisfied with the information that you provide them then they will return to your websites for other articles as well.
  • When you are searching for a relevant keyword for your content then you come to know about the customer behaviour and the changes that are taking place In the environment. It helps you in keeping up with what is important to your website and to your customers. So that you can change your content accordingly.
  • It helps you in making time for relevant keywords and writing your content related to it rather than wasting your time on the keywords that are not much popular and will not be of much help to you.
  • You can also use long tail keywords as 70% of the search traffic are searching for long tail keywords. If you use this long tail keyword then you are very likely to be done first in the search results whenever a person searches for these long tail keywords.
  • Putting the keywords in the right position is also very important. Favourite choosing the keyboard is not the only task that you have to perform in order to increase the ranking of your website you should also think about using the keyword 30 right position in your content it is preferable to use keywords in the first hundred words of your articles.
  • You do not need to keep on thinking what keywords you have to use. You can simply conduct keyword analysis and where you can find the appropriate keywords for your content. And which saves you from doing extra effort for searching a keyword.
  • While searching for the appropriate keyword you come to know a lot about the things you should do while analyzing keywords are the things that you should avoid while analysing the keywords for your content.
  • If you search for the key words which have more competitors then you can very well be ranked first on many of the search results for the keywords that are not much used by many of the people. And due to the availability of these keywords on your content will be rank first on the search engines.
  • By using keywords you can increase the number of shares and comments that your website gets. If your website is shared and the number of comments increases on your website then it will attract more traffic towards your website.

So these are the benefits of using keyword research techniques before writing your content it is very well said that you must first search for the keyword and then right the content around that keyword.

If you want to get more clear idea about the keyword research than you can watch this awesome video by Brian Dean

Researching for a keyword is very important as it helps you in increasing the traffic towards your website.

Keyword research is a very powerful tool that you can rely on for SEO campaign it provides you with competitive insight and information about your customers that you can use in other marketing areas as well however if you are conducting this resource then you must keep in mind all the points that I mentioned above in order to complete your research properly and to get good results.

All these points show that choosing the right keyword is very important but these keywords must be chosen responsibly.

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