10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

So you want to make changes on your blog? (right)

But don’t know “how to improve your blog“?

Then, you are at right place.

There are lots of articles available in the Google search results which tells you about updating your blog.

So, why this one?

I’m also facing these type of problems from past two months.

But in this article, I’m going to write about those problems with their solutions.

So, get ready to implement some excellent tips on your blog.

{if you have one}

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

before starting I want to tell you all a short story:

when I started this blog I was thinking that I will earn early bucks with it.

But as you all know blogging is a long term process to make money.

In first two months, I have only posted 5 article in this blog it was the biggest mistake of my blogging career.

As, if you are not updating your blog, regularly you are spoiling your business.

And after that, I noticed that it was not a game that depends on one golden thing.

We have to take care of every possible and small thing for our site.

NOTE: – Our site/blog is our online asset.

Are you getting bored?

If yes then,

I will suggest you stop reading now and click back button and read another article.

Before starting let me make a short list of the points we are going to discuss:-

  • Update
  • Theme problem
  • Relevant design
  • Loading speed
  • Keyword targeting
  • Small SEO mistakes
  • Guest blogging
  • Blog commenting
  • content manufacturing
  • improve your blog by the Copycat Method
  • {plus one +1}

Before starting our discussion I want you all to watch a video which gives you more ideas to improve your blog

so, let’s start our discussion straight away…{improve your blog}

1.Regular update

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

The biggest mistake novice bloggers are making that they are not updating their blog on a regular basis.

Yes, I also realize this error but for me but it’s like early rising.

Many bloggers in the industry are still making this mistake because they are not updating their online asset {blog/websites}.

According to Neil Patel, it is the biggest mistake of his career in starting days that he didn’t use to update his blog daily/weekly.

If God gave me the wish to recover one mistake from my past, I want to be more consistent.

Effort made on a regular basis are the main cause of your success

I’m not urging you to update your blog daily

I want you to make a timetable to update your blog

Lesson Learned:- Consistency is the most productive word ever written

2.Theme problem

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

If you ask me about theme design or something related to theme designing, I don’t know anything about designing, and still I don’t want to learn theme designing

Because if you ask any “SEO expert” to design a theme then according to me and other industry leaders, he will give a simple answer in one line.

{In not trying to show that I’m an expert}

“It is not my cup of tea”

Yeah, you will receive this type of answers from many other great industry leaders because if they are best in “marketing” then they always want to become more productive in marketing itself rather then trying “SEO”.

OKAY !! {we are out of track}

Well according to me your theme has to have below-listed qualities:-

  • User-friendly  {First & must}
  • Neat & clean design
  • Eye catchy design
  • Easily understandable

I think it is easy to gain that much if you are not a designer.

Lesson Learned:- If your home is not painted with good looking color then no one will love to come to your home

3.Relevant design

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

It’s another hurdle for us because think about it that you are running a technology based blog, and your theme looks like as same as dating sites.

According to a recent survey, 60% of online marketers are doing this mistake.

So, are you doing this mistake?

Maybe not? If yes…then you got an excellent {implement it today}

Here are some more points that I want you to follow:-

  • Don’t use too much light color
  • Please run your blog/site with a simple design as like other industry leaders
  • Use 2-3 matching color for theme

Lesson Learned:- Be an architect when it’s come to plan design for your online asset

4.Loading speed

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

Hey, it is also important to think according to the search engine.

But I’m not going to write anything about it because I found a mind-boggling article on this topic

So, it’s better to read it.

Reduce blog load time

5.Keyword Targeting

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

It is the biggest problem for every novice blogger.

They don’t know “How To Add a Keyword” in a way that doesn’t look like stuffed.

Try using “LONG TAIL KEYWORDS” and every time you write article use LSI keyword.

Use various search alternatives keyword which also have the same potential as same as the ranking keyword.

The search engine can quickly identify your stuffed keyword.

I recommend you to use a good keyword tracker tool.

Keyword stuffing is the worst thing that you do in with your article. As you have seen in the image above that “Affiliate Marketing” is common.

Here are few more points that you can use while placing your keyword in your article:-

  • In your full article, you can use 2% of wording to allocate keyword.
  • Add your main keyword in your first 100 words and also in conclusion.
  • Use alt tag and title tag for images because it can also increase your visibility via Google images
  • Don’t try to rank for single word keyword try to use “long tail version” of keyword

Lesson Learned:- Even simple keywords can make you rich enough

6.Small SEO mistakes

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

Improve your blog by improving it’s general SEO structure.

Yes, it is central part of the rank increasing process

I have a live example for you.

Here is my observation when I realized a site name is  a WittyFeed

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

These sites don’t even have the meta description on the right place for them.

I mean these are minuscule “SEO” mistakes, and you can’t even imagine that type of things from world’s 2nd largest viral content producing site.

Many bloggers are ignoring small mistakes of “SEO” but if you want to rank high, then you should have to take care off all these simple steps.

Here is my of small “SEO” mistakes:-

  • Meta description
  • Long tail keyword targeting {we don’t do that}
  • Alt Tag & Title tag
  • Keyword density
  • LSI  {some bloggers, even don’t know WTF “LSI” is ?}
  • Readability score  {Above 70}

So, here is my list if I haven’t written any point then tell me in the comment box.

Lesson Learned:- SEO is the base of your site

7.Guest blogging

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs


Whenever I got an opportunity to publish a guest post on someone’s blog, every time I say wow !!

Because I know guest blogging is the real gem in our arsenal.

The owner of writers in charge has posted 280 guest post in just eight months.it’s all because he knows about the power of guest blogging.

Guest posting is a great sword that can cut thousands of throats of your competitors.

Few of veteran blogger say that guest post is dead, but I think it will never die because it is the primary instrument for bloggers that take them to next level.

It has the power to increase your blog’s authority and present your quality content in front of a huge crowd.

Having a guest post on big names can boost your search authority and visibility.

I have posted my first guest post within one month as I started my blogging career.

Here is few more rule for guest blogging:-

  • Never ask for a link
  • Write article better than yours
  • Provide value
  • Link to relevant content
  • Don’t show-off
  • Write like a PRO

Lesson Learned:- Guest posting can make your authority

8.Blog commenting

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

Earlier it is done for making a real connection with readers, but it becomes a good source to get visible in the crowded area.

These days many bloggers involve in a cheap thing called event blogging.

And to rank their event blog they do blog commenting further refer as blog spamming.

The technique is simply to find some “Keyword Luv and comment Luv” enabled blogs and insert your desired link in it.

Blog commenting is also an excellent process to show your online presence and intersect with like minded people.

Here I have a list of precautions for you:-

  • Don’t comment on an irrelevant blog with a different niche. I will help you reduce bounce rate of your site and save you from penalties of Google.
  • Comment on relevant niche it will also make your online portfolio as an authority.
  • Follow a blog commenting plan for your personal venture.

My follow-up project:-

Follow this plan immediately after publishing your post.

  • Find some good site with which have Comment Luv enabled
  • It is your priority to find sites relevant to your keyword
  • Leave a meaningful comment on other blogs

Magnificent !!!

You have done an excellent job it will increase your referral traffic by 20-70 % in some cases it might be up to 90%.

One of my friends increases this traffic by 150% by a single comment.

Lesson Learned:- Comment on relevant niche if you want to eat real fruits

9.Content manufacturing

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

Content can defeat anything in the world especially an undefinable one.

“Make great content and rule the internet”

Do you know the big industry leader John chow use to post 2 article every day in the begging of this blogging career and not that much he did it for five years.

It’s excellent work, and the best part of the story is that 100% people make promises but only less than 10% fulfill their promise

Many bloggers use to do re-wording of others content and even I also do but presenting that old aged stuff in a new format with a flavor of creativity is the best content manufacturing skill found ever.

Some veteran marketers say that copying articles are a bad habit …I agree

But re-wording it by putting your hard work plus smart work in it is not a bad thing at all.

I also use to write quality & original, but I also found this method very remarkable when it comes to writing a blog post that produces results.

Lesson Learned:- Produce some productive

10.Improve your blog by Copycat method

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

I recommend and follow this process


Because it is the method build on the similar sketch as like moving man method, sweet steal technique or skyscraper technique.

But this approach has a different ideology which not only provides value but also tells everything about “how to write an article” or “how to do research for an article.”

Just as the name indicates the method is based on the “Art of cheating” with skills of marketing.

Yes, I said cheating !!

The copycat method is one of my greatest content and if you also want to learn “art of cheating” then stay tuned because I will be discussing the copycat method in my next blog post.

Lesson Learned:- Method which supports you in the marketing of quality content

+1. Interlinking

10 + 1 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog For SERPs

Interlinking is a quite easy way to get backlinks from your site {hahahah}

It can also help you gain exposure on your old blog posts and the related ones.

It is an awesome resource to explore your blog within your blog post.

Few primary profits of interlinking:-

  • Passes link juice to old blog post
  • Update your readers with your other articles.
  • Show yourself as an authority
  • increase your exposure

Inbound links are quality enrich links

You should have to link with right anchor text and with also with a relevant article.If you link your “SEO guide” with health related stuff, then it will cause harm more than profit.

Don’t work as an auto liker when you are interlinking your posts.

Use appropriate anchor text and move slowly and steadily.

Do not link to that post which is losing ranking in SERPs instead link to that post which is ranking on the top.

{So, I think you have enjoyed my plus one}

Lesson learned: – Make your empire within your blog

# Conclusion

which method are you using to improve your blog in SERPs?

I would love to hear about your experience.

Do you like the article?

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If no then also click share button because it will boost my confidence to write great blog posts.

If you have more points to update a blog, then tell us in the comment box.

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