Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes all the strategies and techniques that will lead a particular website to a higher rank and have a better position in the search results of a specific search engine.

Wikipedia defines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the process in which a webmaster tries to increase the visibility of a web page or website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The most used search engine by far on the internet is Google, with around 60% of all searches going through it.

The other 40% is made up by, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.

SEO has become an important tool used by web designers to improve a website’s position on a search engine and is one of the major tools of web marketing. Unless you have set aside a huge marketing budget, then your website’s success will most probably rely on the amount of traffic you get via the major search engines.

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

Improving the position of a website is clearly important as it will increase the traffic to a website which would generate more sales or more people seeing the content on the website.

All websites are ranked according to their niche. Niche reflects on the technicalities of the SEO writing.

Technicality gives an overview on keyword density, prominence, and frequency. These are the three elements rather concepts which are employed to optimize the content of a website. It portrays a crucial role in the marketing of a website, and proper utilization of such concepts can see it on the top.

We are at a time when, regardless the area of your business, you certainly have a strong competition.

Under these conditions, many business owners are happy to keep their heads above water, but this is certainly not the key to success. Today, SEO and marketing are inseparable concepts.

This means that your business needs it to be more successful and profitable. It is extremely important to get your website onto the major search engines, and with over 75 billion web pages currently indexed by Google, your SEO techniques have to be top-notch for you to be noticed.

While there are dozens of SEO techniques and strategies, there are two ways of splitting up the technique process, one technique is internal optimization of your website, and the other is external optimization.

Internal optimization of your website is basically changing your actual website like keywords, titles, adding new rich content and creating new pages.

While External optimization does not involve changing anything on your website, rather it involves techniques like placing links on other websites that point back to your website.

For your website to do well in the search engines, you must apply both internal and external
optimization to your website. Instead of spreading your resources too thin with a myriad of strategies to rank highly in the search engines, we recommend focusing on these seven that have proven to be effective.

They are each explained below:

Effective Keywords

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

Use Google’s free keyword tool to find effective keywords for your industry. Start by putting together a list of keywords that are relevant to the theme of your site. To fully utilize SEO, you must properly position your keywords by having an individual page on your website for each keyword phrase.

When optimizing your website, keep your customers in mind as the more you know about your customer, the more effective keywords you can use on your website.

Mixing relevant keywords is the key to satisfying Google and achieving a high search engine ranking.

On page Intelligence

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to the web design of your site, on page intelligence refers to the aspects of the site you have full control over and can change at any time. The first and most important aspect of web design is applying the title tag.

A title tag informs any web browser of the name of each of your web pages as well as defining the title of your listing in Google. A title tag is embedded within the HTML coding of your website and is often one of the first bits of HTML code shown.

Buying Your Domain Name

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

When deciding upon a domain name for your website, it’s critical that your primary keyword is within the domain name. This can make a huge difference on the ranking your website will achieve in the search engines.

It’s best to limit your domain name to fewer than 25 characters and only use a “.com”
extension to make the most of SEO.

Architecting Your Site

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

It’s important to understand what your potential customer is searching for online and structure your site according to your customer’s wants and needs.

When performing SEO research, if you were to discover your customers want videos that teach them a “how to” topic, then you might add a video web page to your site. Go out and find some awesome videos on YouTube that you can add to a video page on your website with helpful videos that they can watch directly on your website.

This way, they don’t have to waste time searching YouTube for relevant videos. This will provide another SEO benefit, as it will give you an authority in Google’s eyes as they can see you are linking to YouTube.

You want to overwhelm your customers in your web marketing efforts and keep them always wanting more.

Site Mapping Techniques

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

This is like a blueprint of your entire website. You want to have a sitemap that is readily accessible for search engines and the best location for this is on your root domain for example (www.domain.com/sitemap.xml).

The search engine spiders love sitemaps because they can easily see how your website is developed.

This will allow your website to get indexed much faster as a result of having a sitemap. The most popular free sitemap tool you can use is “xml-sitemaps” which will allow you to create a sitemap in a matter of minutes.

It’s important to ensure your web design incorporates “Meta Tags” when creating a sitemap.

Off Page Intelligence

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

You simply cannot afford to skip off page intelligence for SEO. The more incoming links you have to your website, the more of authority you will command in the eyes of search engines.

Be careful not to make the mistake of getting too many incoming links too fast. This doesn’t look real to search engines, and you will be frowned upon for doing so.

You simply want to build incoming links to your website over a natural period of time. There are many several ways you can get incoming links.

Some of the more popular methods include the following;

  • Directory Submissions
  • Web directories – give your site a short overview and a link back to your site. This is a proven way of creating as many backlinks in a short period of time. They will not perform miracles, but directories can be very helpful when combined with other SEO techniques.
  • Blog Reviews- These include a direct link and short review from only experienced and established bloggers. Because these are direct links from trusted sources, they are extremely effective at getting you to the top of the search results.
  • Social Bookmarks – This includes submitting the pages of your site to social bookmarking portals. This is an excellent way to build backlinks from some of the biggest websites online. As an added bonus in addition to the SEO benefits, these sites can even provide some direct traffic.
  • Press Releases – Creating a press release with your links in the text and then submitting this release across many press release portals is a fantastic way to build backlinks. And, if your story is quality, it may get picked up and distributed even further; providing links from major news portals.
  • Article Marketing – Article marketing is one of the best SEO techniques. Although it takes hard work, writing quality articles on your topic and submitting them to article directories will give you proper backlinks from quality websites.

Competitive Intelligence

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

This is your instant shortcut to success online if you simply follow others that are doing well online. Find out who your top competitors are by searching Google for the top page rankings, then spy on what types of organic SEO they are focusing on.

Try and create link exchanges with these top sites to help your search engine ranking.

Search Google to see how many incoming links your top competitors have to their websites and you’ll have a benchmark to compare your website to.

These techniques are down to earth and proven to deliver results time and time again. Start
implementing one or two each week until you’ve incorporated them all!

However, even after implementing the techniques above, you should keep in mind that content is the foundation of every website and a key to successful search engine optimization– when visitors come to your page, they use the content to decide if they want to stay on your site and eventually do business with you.

The search engines also use the content on your site to determine how highly they will rank
you against the competition.

Content that is original, well written, and relevant to the search phrase is essential to all your website efforts. The likelihood that you will be ranked highly in the SERPs, and that a visitor to your site will eventually do business with you can be directly correlated to the quality and relevance of your content.

Websites with keyword rich, original, naturally flowing content have a big advantage both for visitors and search engines than those sites that don’t. This can be one of the most significant determinants of success for a business who wants to market online and grow their business.

There are several aspects of content creation that are important to consider. They include:

  • Writing for People, Not Search Engines
  • Avoiding duplicate content
  • Using the right keyword density and positioning
  • Keeping content current

Writing for People, Not Search Engines

Even though high rankings through SEO may be a key focus, website content needs to be written for the human audience first. It should flow naturally, read easily, and clearly provide the visitor with the relevant information they came to the web page to find.

And search engines today are sophisticated enough to determine whether a page of content is written for human consumption.

The information should be useful and informative, entertaining and written in a friendly tone, and should avoid poor grammar. And if you are a “for-profit” company, it should also be persuasive.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

Avoiding duplicate content is essential to ensuring you do not get penalized by the search engines, negating your search engine optimization work.

Duplicate content means multiple pages of the same content on your own website.

If discovered, the search engines may lower your rankings or omit your listings from the search engine results pages completely.

Using the Right Density for your Keywords

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

Ranking highly in the SERPs when a searcher enters the keyword phrases you have optimized for is the objective of SEO. A key aspect of achieving those results is ensuring you include the correct frequency and location, or density of the keywords you want to optimize for on a specific web page.

By applying this technique properly, the search engines will find that the content on your page is related to the search term entered and rank your site highly.

Also important to remember is the need to incorporate the optimal frequency and density of keywords, while still ensuring that the content on the page flows naturally for the human audience.

Keeping Your Content Current

Understanding The Core Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring your content is current and fresh goes a long way towards maintaining high rankings. Search engines highly value fresh content and can penalize sites where the content remains the same, and reward those sites that continue to provide new, fresh, well-written content.

Fresh content can come from a variety of sources, including customer case studies and testimonials, on- site blog posts, or articles added to the site as page content or as optimized non-HTML documents, to name a few.

So, to summarize, Content is Still King. The search engines want to see fresh, updated, naturally flowing content written with an original voice. Focus on writing for your human audience, avoid duplicate content, optimize the density and placement of your keyword phrases on the page, and keep your content current.

By doing this across your site, you dramatically increase the chance your site will rank
highly in search engine results pages.

It is great to know how content creation can make you rank well in all major search engines, but do you know some mistakes could ruin your SEO efforts?

Let’s take a look at some of these mistakes that you have to avoid at all cost.

Top SEO Mistakes

-> Misusing Images

Commercial websites often look great, but the fact of the matter is that Google can’t see these images.

So if your site is full of images and has no text and no (alt text), then the subject of the website will not be known to Google and therefore will not be able to index your site.

Do use images on your site but make sure you have at least 60 words of content on each page that you want to be indexed.

-> Duplicate or Bad Content

Making sure your website content is unique and significant to your product or service is very important in Search Engine Optimization or SEO success.

In most cases, people just copy content from other websites. Most often than not, these websites fail miserably in search engine rankings.

If you are not able to write decent and unique content for your website, then find someone online that will write relevant and fresh content for you. It is worthwhile spending the time or money to get this right.

Make sure that the content is good, friendly and unique. If you’re in the Google’s supplemental index list, make sure your headlines, descriptions, meta keywords, and on page content are unique.

This is the only way to remove them from the supplemental index list.

-> Dreadful Internal Page Links

It is important to ensure that the anchor text linking to all internal pages on your website is appropriate to the intended target page. Make sure that the title tag is also filled in for each link.

You have maximum control over your own website links, so ensure they make sense and that the main keywords of the target page match the link title.

-> Being Impatient

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not a short-term assignment. It is a continual process of refinement and fine tuning. Executing SEO on your website could take hours to get it right, from creating unique content, checking it, validating it, listing and checking search engines, and ensuring they have indexed it correctly.

Search Engine companies like Google are forever changing their ranking and rating systems, so if you think you have done enough and have found yourself on the front page doesn’t mean you will sit in that position forever.

So always be on the move to improve your website with fresh content, new links and this will make sure that you stay ahead of your competition.

-> Selection of Keywords

Selecting the right keywords is a tricky business, and a lot of people have found this out the hard way.

The keywords you may think people are typing in the search engines may not be necessarily correct. It is very important to properly research your keywords and make sure you have the right keyword list before optimizing pages with them.

Using Google AdWords and other paid keyword tools are key to successfully finding great keywords. It’s important to find your target market and find out what they are really looking for when they search for the products or services that you offer.

-> Bad Titles

Having great titles on each of your web pages are one of the most important things to search engines.

Search engine crawlers see your page title first, and they evaluate the page based on this. They review the site and ensure that the content of the site corresponds to the title. They then assign rankings to them based on these.

The title tag is the best way to inform search engines about what your site is all about, and they play an important role in ranking if they are used properly. Put your main keywords in
the title and make sure you stick to the leftward and stemming rule which states that the closer your keyword is to the left of the sentence, the more important.

To understand the good practices of page titles you can look on the title of our SEO Brisbane page:

So as you can see that we have a well-optimized title with keywords in the optimal length.

-> Inappropriate keyword stuffing

A further failure to achieve your SEO goals stems from a lack of your chosen keywords appearing throughout your content.

Once you have chosen an effective keyword, it is important to use it in the main body of content without being guilty of “keyword stuffing”.

-> Relying Excessively On Graphics in Your Titles and Content

Another practice in insufficient SEO work is to rely excessively on graphics in your titles and content rather than using a few carefully researched keywords to drive traffic to your site.

While the use of graphics makes for an enticing article, the search engines must require content in order to do their work.

-> All Inbound Links Use Same Anchor Text

Remember, Google is seeking patterns that look unnatural. One pattern that is highly unnatural is that everybody links to your site using the same anchor text.

If there are no “click here for more information” type of links, then your inbound links will appear unnatural.

If you avoid these SEO mistakes, you are well on your way to solid SEO results. However, what you should keep in mind is that you can easily achieve success in SEO in Brisbane when you hire the services of a professional like Dynasty Digital Network.

An expert in the field of SEO needs to have great analyzing and marketing abilities along with a flair for keeping up with technology, and we can boldly say that WE HAVE THESE ABILITIES.

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