30 Effective Ways To Build Backlinks in 2018 [Updated Guide]

Backlinks hold a gigantic importance in the year 2018

One needs to realize if they are running an awesome website or blog, there are several other awesome websites and blogs present which are running in the same niche.

In order to gain the audience in abundance, the website needs publicity and ranking. Through backlinks, the website is featured on various other websites over the internet and then Google ranks the site.

Therefore, backlinks serve as the major ranking factor on the search engines.Here, we have discussed 50 different ways of building the backlinks for achieving better results for your website or blog.

1. Blogging Communities

Blogs are the safest place to get backlinks in 2018. You need to be actively involved in the blog community running under the same niche as yours. By being in touch with various bloggers, your website will be featured on their blog posts, thus giving you a backlink.

2. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is like an SEO juice which makes your website healthy. All you need to do is submit some guest posts, with links taking back to your website, to other authority sites having audience in large number.

3. Trading article links

Here, you have to mention the link of other websites or blogs and get their attention. A natural dialogue is created between the two, where you mention links to each other’s website in the dialogues.

4. Outreaching to Influencers

Reach out to great influencers through emails or various other social media platforms and request them to have perusal through your website or blog.

5. Help A Reporter Out

This is one of the simplest ways of building high-quality backlinks; all you have to do is register yourself at HARO and revert to the mail of the reporters on daily basis.

6. Interview the established bloggers

Boil down few names of the bloggers that are established in the same niche as yours. Interview them and request them to repost that interview on their blogs. This will link their audience to your website too.

7. Promotion through interview

Instead of interviewing, dig out the option to be interviewed by others. In this way you can feature their website on yours and vice a versa. Make sure that you deal with the established bloggers instead of a newbie.

8. Build a personal connection

Now that you have interviewed or been interviewed, advance to develop the personal connection with the top bloggers. This networking and bondage will branch into several backlinks like you can arrange the meet-up with the blogger, have a combined audience for seminars, get introduced to other top bloggers, etc.

9. Relevant comments

You must have seen the comments with links to several websites and posts, these are backlinks in disguise. You have to discover the relevant articles or posts and then leave relevant comments there which will direct the user to your website. It is necessary to acknowledge that your comment should not look like spam instead it must have relevant context.

10. Signatures

Signatures are another form of simplest backlinks. All you have to do is improvise your digital signature with a link. Whenever you will sign off an email or document, your digitalized signature will have a link to direct the viewer to your website.

11. Forums

Forums are another way of leaving trails of backlinks. You have to research about these forums and provide links to them on your posts.

12. Building of broken links

Be a hunter and hunt out some broken links. The trick is to contact and inform the owner and ask a favor in return. The favor you can ask for is to replace that broken link with a backlink to your website.

13. Website Reviews

There are various forums and websites that write the review for other blogs and websites. Make sure you are in touch with these forums and sites, so that they will include the links to your website in those reviews.

14. All the social networking sites

One must not underestimate the power of the social networking sites. These sites have abundant users which can be the audience of your website. Post on these sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, etc. and increase the traffic at your blog or website.

15. Social Bookmarking sites

Not only the social networking sites, but also the social bookmarking sites are very helpful in creating the backlinks. Submit your posts to these sites like BuzzFeed, Pinterest, reddit, etc. and be featured along with backlinks.

16. Discussion boards

One should not forget the importance of powerful discussion sites like Quora, etc. You need to engage yourself in some relevant discussions over there and then very subtly drop the links to your websites.

17. Promotion in your own social circle

One can also gain organic followers in the organic ways. Therefore, you should always keep on promoting your website or blog in your own groups. When these followers will appreciate your content, the traffic will be multiplied automatically.

18. Answer questions

There are always several questions that are floating on internet regarding your content or website. Use this opportunity to answer these questions and build some backlinks.

19. Ask some questions too

Now that you are answering some questions, seize the chance to ask some too. The sites like Yahoo provide space to ask and answer questions and thus build useful backlinks.

20. Surveys

If you think that Yahoo isn’t that helpful, then conduct your own surveys. Publish the discussion and issues on your website; this will entice the audience to get back to your website for some insightful ideas and information.

21. Internal Link Structure

If you have plethora of posts and articles, then you must organize them in several categories and link these post internally. This will engage the audience for longer time duration and increase the ranking of your website on the search engines.in

22. DMOZ

Just like the directory for phone numbers, DMOZ is the directory for websites. Make a space for your website in such directories and get backlinks in return.
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23. Slide-share and Podcast

One of the easiest ways of creating backlinks is converting your content in several formats like Podcast for iTunes, slide-share for presentation, etc.money The consumers will consume the content in different ways on different platforms and that’s how backlinks will be created.

24. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a site that helps the user to stumble upon useful content. Make sure to submit your content to this site and get backlinks in return.

25. Creating Info-graphics

Info-graphics are another way of directing traffic towards the content. These info-graphics must be shareable which serves as a backlink to the websites.

26. Viral Content Creation

Creation of viral content is the cleverest way of getting backlinks. Having viral content on your website attracts massive traffic and thus you can derive various backlinks when this content is shared across the internet.

27. Document sharing sites

If you have your content in PDF format or DOCs format, then you can upload your content on these document sharing sites with a link to your website.

28. Tutorial posts

Tutorial post is another simpler way of creating backlink. Creating tutorial related to your niche creates a chain of audience who likes and shares your content and thus getting your various backlinks.

29. Wikipedia editor

Wikipedia is the highest rated site in terms of audience. By becoming an editor at Wikipedia, you can insert backlinks in the content related to your niche.

30. Credit for the images

If you have images that are created and patented by you, then you can use them to generate some useful backlinks. Whenever these images will be shared from the image directory, you can seize the chance to ask for credits along with a backlink to your website.
From this plethora of ideas, one can’t use each and every idea; therefore make sure you are aware of all these tricks and tactics, so that you can use them whenever there is a chance.
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