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Imagine if you could tap into the biggest 24/7 market of all time and place your business in a position where it will be almost impossible to remain behind your competitors. Would this change the game for your business?

To put this in perspective, we are now living in a world where the internet has become the leading marketplace for potential customers who are actively searching for products/ services that your business is offering.

We can help you tap into this huge online marketplace and open the floodgates of traffic to your business.



Having more than 13 million active FB users in Australia, we want to ensure that the time and effort that you devote to your products or services are properly reflected on social media. We will target your message to your demographic and dedicate our time telling your story.


We will increase your sales, boost engagement, encourage loyalty and entice people to take action. We will adapt your message and tell it to everyone we can possibly reach with SEO to get them truly invested in your brand.


We go above and beyond to design a stunning website that supercharges your business flawlessly. We work with you hand in hand to ensure that our methodology and techniques are specifically customized to your brand.




Creative Design

Copywriting Strategy

Rebel Marketing

Analytics Management

Conversion Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization


Our team of digital strategists differentiate ourselves from the competition by our commitment to a principled approach to online marketing. We custom curate each marketing campaign to fit your brand and your needs. No one-size-fits-all solutions.

We take the responsibility of marketing off your shoulders to free you up to pursue your passions. You are busy, and you don’t want your days to be dominated by trying to get your product out there into the marketplace. Let us do it for you, we are experts in this field with a passion for marketing.


Are you ready to take your website to the first page of Google?

Let us supercharge your online campaigns to get your business ranking at the #1 position for all major niche targeted keywords. We will use our most advanced marketing tactics to put your business miles ahead of the competition and produce consistent ROI with a strategy that requires much less spend on advertising. Reach out to your local strategists at Dynasty Digital Network and let us maximize your business online.


We have ranked ourselves along with our valued clients to the #1 position on Google for many years. If you chose not to work with us, your competitors will.



Even before we accept you as client, we will provide you with a complete website audit because our focus is to build a solid community and to provide as much value as we can. This is our grand mission for the 2020 Digital Economy.

Before we decide to accept you as our client we will perform a health check on your business’s website. This free health check-up will be done by one of our SEO specialists who will reverse engineer your entire website by analysing each link manually.

After checking the data we will then provide you with a complete report on your website’s health which will list the its current performance along with a list of recommendations that can be done to improve it.

Once we complete this phase we can then present a detailed plan according to the researched data and form an actionable SEO strategy that will get you fast results both short and long term.

Advanced SEO is all about getting the highest quality traffic to your website directly from search engines, but this does not mean that keywords and rankings are not important. As we mentioned in the health check-up, we also invest time into proper keyword research in accordance to your product/ service and provide you with a list of keywords to target.

If you really want to achieve the best results then you will need to target the right audience, with the exact location at the best time along with actionable conversion optimization techniques.

If you are looking to dominate any marketplace then you will need to analyse your competition to find out who is one step ahead of you. Alongside this you need to keep your eyes on them regularly to track their activities to identify how you can perform better by using better and more advanced techniques.

Even before starting your project we will need to do a lot of planning and research to identify the exact strategies that your competition are doing as this is going to indicate to us how good their SEO is. This is how our campaigns will perform better than the competition. We only start making moves once we know that they will outperform what the competition is doing.

As you may already know that Google is getting smarter with their frequent updates like Panda and Penguin, it is much easier to fall victim to upcoming penalties from Google unless only “White Hat SEO” techniques are used.

If your website becomes victim of any Google penalty, then there are two most likely reason behind it. One of them includes poor content and the other is spam websites that are linking back to your website. If someone or another company is promising you fast rankings on the first page of Google for a medium to competitive keyword, then they are making a fool of you. The only way they can promise these fast rankings is by applying “Black Hat Techniques” to your website which is going to only harm your website in the long run and it is expected that Google will penalize you anytime soon.

After checking all the basic SEO needs of your website, we will be able to assure you that before going ahead and starting the SEO process, your website will be at no risk of falling victim to any Google penalties. We are confident to make such bold claims because we will only be using “White Hat” SEO techniques.

As per Google’s recent updates including all of their other past major updates, they are becoming stricter to the acceptable layouts of a website, their structure and more importantly the user experience. The reason behind their crackdown is because Google wants to provide users with only the best experience and for this reason Google will apply strict rules for preserving their best interests.

If all important and acceptable information is available at the first instance when a user arrives on your website, then this is considered a good website in Google’s point of view. On the other hand if a user has to pass through a series of links to reach a particular piece of information then Google will consider it as spam or a bad user experience. A website with these qualities will soon come under Google’s radar.


We will take your project with a step-by-step strategical approach from the very first day that you start working with us and you will be able to see a significant growth rate and response from search engines within a few short weeks.

When you decide to join Dynasty Digital Network your campaigns will be assigned to one of our SEO specialists who specialises in your industry. They will consult with you about the main keywords to rank for and retain some important information which will allow for us to begin your work.

If at any point in the process you feel that you need to expand on or discuss any ideas and thoughts, feel free to talk directly to our "Social Media Manager"

There are many things that we look for when we are working on rankings for a specific keyword and each campaign is tailored according to the needs and demands of the situation.

We will make sure that you are provided with the fastest results possible once one of our SEO specialists are assigned to your task. This is when a 4 Phase working “SEO” plan will lead your campaigns toward your desired situation.

Even more than a plan we call it our “Rankings Blueprint” which will assist you in knowing the progress of your campaign/s from weeks to many months down the track along with being informed on the methods and approach that we take on your main keyword. This will make it easy for you to track the performance record while our team is working hard.

Unlike most other “SEO” companies who only focus on the main keyword, we will take other LSI’s along with the major keyword to increase the search traffic on your website. In order to do this we are going to use advanced keyword research techniques along with the assistance of Aherf tool.

As a business owner yourself, you already know that to receive maximum results from your campaign/s it is required to target exact keywords for which your customer base is searching on Google. As a valued client it is our commitment that we are on point with targeting and that we extract those keywords which even contain only 100 monthly search volumes for not only the traffic, but more so precision targeting. This will provide you with the maximum number of leads and sales each month along with free branding for your business.

“SEO” is not only limited to on-page and off-page techniques, the process of “SEO” starts on the very first day when you begin developing your website and incorporating images and graphics. This is where you need to apply “SEO” in the form of “title text” and “Alt text”

In the same stage as starting a website you will have to play with the “source code” on the backend level to make it more legitimate and visible within search engines so that it can be ranked quicker and more effectively for your business keywords.

When you Start your business online at that time you might or might not already have a customer Base but still you need to track your performance from the online & offline World for which you need have a tracking Tool or A Team who will Manually track your sales which is not possible that's why Google Allow us to use It's Free Tool Called "Google Analytics" To track all Activities on Our Site - We'll also install it and handle it to give you Monthly reports

Google also allows you to use its Free Tool for Measuring Manual Penalty, Bad Backlink structure, Spamming, Keyword rankings along with Keyword Recommendation and we'll do All these Activities with the Help of Tool name as - "Google Webmasters"

These are 2 super power which is given by "Google" to you to help you grow your business Online and make this world a better place for your family and other human beings

As you know that "Google Algorithms" is based on their Crawl Spider Bots and Regular updates like Panda & Penguin which is directly focused on page title. content, anchor & structure

As we take over your Project we'll immediately start working on On-page Optimization to make your site look More legit with Great user experience in eyes of Google after which you will see the improvements in Rankings by Fixing some On-page issues unless it is affected by any "Google" Penalty For Poor backlink Structure

You can't move on to Off-Site Optimization before making sure that your On-page stuff is all good according to Google and Your site is Visible in Search Results

After Fixing the Errors we'll Move on to Off-page Optimization Part which Mainly Covers backlink & Social Part. You Might Also Know that "Google" Doesn't allow Backlinking at all because they want their Search Algo to work According to users and They want everyone to follow Organic Methods But It Doesn't mean All "SEO" Companies/Agency Do Black Stuff and that's the major & sensitive part where you really need an expert to work with for your business keywords

You Need to create the right backlink on right time along with right anchor text for right keyword and wait for the results like I said before that it's very sensitive work to do when space for an error is 0%. That's why you need a Team who have already done this multiple times for clients as well as for themselves and no one in the marketplace will tell you about all these because they don't scare you or might don't wanna tell the truth - whatever the reason you need to be transparent with your client that's what we believe in

As Bill Gates Already Defined this term as "Content Is King" but "Google" Take this Quote into action and now not only "Google" Other search Engines are Accepting Only Quality Content For 1st Page Rankings and Industry Start is At least 1500-2000 Words Per Page

But a "Smart Marketer" Works in a better way which will also follow the guidelines of all major search engines and Will be Produce Quality content in the form of video, Text, Image & info-graphics to provide more value to Search Engines which will automatically increase the user experience which will directly benefit their rankings.In this all process we deeply Understand your objective behind your product/services and create compelling content for it to get it better branding & Self-developed reputation

"SEO Content" Few years this Term was Used by Everyone when they hunt a content writer because all the On-page "SEO" work was Strongly based on few fix things defined by google thus it generally promotes "Keyword Stuffing" In Content Which In-Directly Affected User Experience and "Google" Immediately took action with another Algo update. If you talk about today's "SEO" Structure than everyone will say that it all Depends on the quality of your content and which is somehow very true but still at least 2% of "Keyword" thing matters

But it's a Thumb rule that if you serve the best food to your customers than they gonna Recommend you to others and in-directly it gonna increase your revenues

As You Already Know that "Google" is getting smarter day-by-day and it's the same stuff with backlinks also If you spam your site with Low-Quality profile backlinks, Comments backlinks or any other Low-Quality backlinks sooner or later it gonna Penalize your business site and it's better to have 1 Quality Backlink rather than having hundreds of Spam Links

If Something is working for Real Estate it doesn't mean that the same stuff will work for Dentists also - It's all different for each niche and that's where we assist you in a better way to find a way to make things work for your niche and finding more link building opportunities which not only get you rankings but they will also give you referral traffic. It's not an easy job to do in present "SEO" game but it is worth the time and especially when we know that we're working on a business keyword which will produce heaps of revenue for us and Offcourse it will go in long term because as long as your Campaign will go we need to keep creating backlinks to make sure that we'll remain on the top

Basically, XML Sitemap File Simply is For "Google" Crawlers To Index Your Content and Show in Search Results on the other end HTML Sitemap File is for Users to check the pathway of site if they want to check it

It's an easy Stuff for a Techie guy which someone turned as a big Stumbling block For non-Techie person most people forget to Add XML Sitemap and that affects their Indexing and In-directly Affects Rankings

As We Already told you that we believe in complete transparency so in end of each week we'll send you reports of weekly/monthly tasks and results we achieved so far along with it we'll also share our Strategy for next month so you can easily track the performance of your "Keywords" and start reshaping your business according to new search/organic traffic

This data will include each stuff from traffic to rankings so you can see what's exactly happening on your site under your eyes and you can have look at the data each Week

Brand Experience


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