Amazing Careers to Have in the IT Industry

Amazing Careers to Have in the IT Industry post thumbnail image

Listed below are some of the many IT careers that you can pursue once you have graduated or once you have finished your competency training, or whichever comes first. IT industry has been one of those industries in recent years that has not stopped growing and evolving basically because the field in which it stands is also constantly upgrading and evolving into something far much better, as other would say the technology we have today has been rapidly evolving exponentially to the point that we can no longer limit our projections in terms of the advancements ten to fifteen years from now.

Support Specialists

If you need help with some technical stuff or some troubleshooting with your phone or computer then an IT support specialist is the one who will be at the other size of the line assisting you until you solve your problems.

That is the job of an IT support specialist and that is one of the most common tasks of support specialists. If you are considering to be one, it is a great paying job but the downside is the aspect of having to deal with people. The good part isif you are an off site IT support you will be assisting clients at the comfort of your own home.

Cyber security Specialist

In a world where everyone is using the internet there is a significant increase in cyber related crime. And even with the police and government institutions around, it cannot really fully defend the people against cybercrimes, thus the need and the development of the subfield of cyber security.

Today cyber specialists are asked to partner with the police and even serve as security consultants with private firms and individuals to promote and secure the cyberspace of individuals. With this specialty, cyber security specialists are also gaining more popularity as famous people tend to hire them as consultants and they are also paid well by their contractors.

UX Designer

Ever wonder how companies decide on the interphase of their gadgets such as laptops or phones? Well the answer is a UX designer, or technically User interphase Designer technician. They are the ones who design and test these variables if they are efficient for client use and even test it for practicality and usability.

The area is basically still under the umbrella of IT field, but it also works closely with practical design and app development. They will be the ones who will design or recommend a design or feature to be added and be used in a given product.

Now the whole idea with IT careers is that you do not have to be stuck with just one career on whether it is high paying or has good status, when it comes to work choose the career that you are interested and passionate about something that makes you feel alive, a career that will help you grow not just as a professional but also as a human being.


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